Gem-O-Light, the ultimate gemologist identification torch tool.

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Our flagship model of the most dynamic and versatile gem identification flashlight on the market today.

After years of struggling to find the right torch to provide the correct spectrums of light to identify gemstones in our collections and inventory, we have developed the ultimate tool for the industry.

Infrared light

Longwave (A) UV 395 nm
Longwave(A1) UV 365 nm
Blue Amber Inspection light

Includes two focusing cones to pinpoint light 5mm and 8.5mm
hi-tech aluminum alloy and stainless steel body with integral ruler and built-in belt clip.

6 powerful LED’s provide 6 spectrums of light with multiple intensities

This tool will help you identify many different varieties of gemstones.

Standard- built-in 18650 rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with onboard charging, no separate charger needed only a standard Included USB cord
MRSP 75.00

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