Stunning Pink amethyst slab (Amethyst with Hematite inclusions)

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Did you know pink amethyst is in fact amethyst with hematite inclusions? Yep! Pink amethyst is its commercial name! Never the less she is undeniably a stunner! 

This piece is polished on one side and rough (raw) on the back. Pink amethyst is a crystal for self-love and emotional healing. Ever heard the words "You should be kinder to yourself!" Well this beauty encourages you to show yourself a little extra TCL whist rising self-esteem and kindness. 

Now say this loud, say it proud! "I am beautiful, I am enough, I love myself!" 

You babe, you!   

Dimensions: Approx 11cm X 10cm X 3cm 

Weight: Approx 444g 

Unearthed in Brazil