The Tarot Edition by Pretty Spirit Co. Creators Lauren and Christine have done a beautiful job with this deck to aid in helping you connect with your higher purpose! Photo Credit: Pretty Spirit Co.

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Welcome to the ease of reading tarot!  No longer is the process confusing or hard to learn.  Discover the diverse, vibrant and relatable teaching-deck: Tarot Edition.  Each card is printed with keywords for upright and reverse reading.  Enjoy the modern interpretation of the Rider Waite Smith classic.  The images are youthful, vibrant and powerful.  Tarot Edition enhances the intuition and guides its reader to a creative understanding of each message. 

  • 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana
  • Keywords for upright and reverse reading
  • Created in-house at Pretty Spirits by an African American Author and Illustrator 
  • Culturally diverse tarot deck